A new concept of Service 

Develop your Gas project, Central Heating and Drinking water with INERGAS-SD.

  • We take care of all project management; Materials, Execution of the Service, Procedures, Green Seal Management and SEC.
  • We have after-sale service and warranty.

¿What is  INERGAS-SD? 

It is the "Home Service of INERGAS", is composed of a team of people whose guidance is to provide first level specialized support to our customers, to solve emergencies and guide in the solution of problems related to the operation and installation of the gas network and artifacts, as well as the potable water network.

All in one company - Do not waste time and money



  • Budgets without commitments
  • Procedures, certifications, green seal management, SEC Installations in new gas and central heating projects
  • Project evaluation of natural gas, liquefied and central heating
  • Normalization and regularization of gas installations to obtain a green seal
  • Sale of polyethylene for gas with certification of piping and electrofusion 


  • Budget without compromises
  • Installation service in subdivided plots
  • Normalization of water and sewage installations
  • Residential projects in water and sewerage HDEP pipe sales with certifications 

Guarantees of our Technical Service 

  • We use state-of-the-art instruments. Our technicians are certified We ensure clean work and optimal terminations. All work done has a 90 day guarantee

o request the service and schedule the service day, call (61) 272 3393 or you can also request it online by filling out the following Technical Service Form. 


Our services are concentrated in the entire Punta Arenas and Surrounding Area


INERGAS-SD has all traditional means of payment

  • Cash
  • Credit CArd or Debit Card
  • Checks